About Us

Marin Letenneur and his brother Nicolas brought her to Canada along with rich family culinary traditions when they choose to settle here in 1992. They launched a catering business in Quebec City that soon became the talk of the town. Their smoked fish was particularly in demand, to the point that they decided to make it their core business.

Established in 1994, Bleumer foods is a smokehouse that carries along the pride of its artisan origins, as well as its aim for excellence. To meet the expectations of an ever-growing clientele, it keeps up with state-of-the-art technology. Its processes and recipes, under exacting sanitation and traceability specifications, reflect ancestral traditions as well as high-tech methods.

Bleumer foods has founded its reputation on products where utmost quality is a deciding criterion: cold-smoked steelhead trout and Atlantic salmon.

Our experts buy fish from the best open-sea aquaculture farms. The rich red-orange coloured flesh of these cold-water fishes is popular with demanding customers seeking the benefits of fatty acids. Lightly dry-salted (with approximately 1% salt content) and smoked with maple and fruit tree wood, theses delicacies bring unique flavours and aromas. Vacuum-packed in practical sizes for retail and food service markets, our products display a freshness that definitely conquers the trust of consumers as well as of the most demanding chefs.

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